Smart valve

Pioneers of digital water management

Since 2005, there has been a close co-operation between Olamatik AG and Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH. The electronic core competence of Oblamatik, combined with valve technology by Flühs Drehtechnik warrants high quality and reliability of the products.

Oblamatik has developed new technologies which help to use water more comfortably and safely to sustain resources. With more than 20 years of experience in sanitary electronics, Oblamatik is aware of the challenges that products must be both simple to handle and reliable in installing and operating.


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TLC Flow H1

Patent pending

A compact, continuously adjustable flow valve that can be used in a wide range of applications.

In combination with a Cleanlevel sensor as a reliable all-in-one urinal control system

For flow rate control in showers, kitchen fixtures, and bathroom sinks – can also be controlled with standard commercially available IR sensors

For smart, continuous control of the entire pipe system

TLC Temperature

A compact thermostatic mixer for kitchen fixtures, bathroom sinks, and showers. Maximum hygiene, safety, and durability guaranteed thanks to powerful drives, dead-space-free fixtures, a Flühs ceramic cartridge, and fail-safe electronics.

TLC Temperature in combination with TLC FLOW H1

An optional valve can be connected to control the water flow.

TLC Temperature in combination with MULTILEVEL-DISPENSER (MLD)

This optional module allows for up to three different types of water flow for kitchen fixtures – filtered, sparkling, or boiling.

TLC Single

High-quality mixer with flow rate control for kitchen fixtures and bathroom sinks. Maximum hygiene, safety, and durability thanks to proven Twinlevel quality.

TLC Double


Thermostatic mixer with two outlets specially designed for showers and bathtubs. Maximum hygiene, safety, and durability thanks to proven Twinlevel quality.

TLC Triple


Thermostatic mixer with three outlets specially designed for multifunction showers. Maximum hygiene, safety, and durability thanks to proven Twinlevel quality.

TLI Wheel


An extremely easy-to-use and convenient user interface for all TLC mixing and flow valves. With intuitive design, visual feedback, and three quick access settings for controlling temperature and flow rate.

TLI Vision Wheel

A convenient user interface for TLC Double and Triple. The high-quality display uses icon-based dialogues to guide the user through the menu. With Greendicator ® to effectively save water.