Standard headwork with jumper washer

There are very few products which continue to sell well for decades. Beyond any doubt, one of our most successful valves with far more than 350 million units sold is the Classic headwork. This economical high-quality part ensures a long operating life coupled with safe functioning.

The valve jumper, with its hexagonal guide, and the high-quality seal and nut, ensures quiet operation and an easily adjustable water flow. 

The Classic headwork is at the heart of traditional two-handle faucets. This success confirms our company's philosophy of satisfying our customers by means of quality and performance.

Flühs Classic headworks with jumper washer are manufactured in 3/8" to 1" sizes for a wide range of applications. High standards of quality and flexibility in the manufacture of headworks with many different dimensions are the reason this product is used by international leading manufacturers of faucets.


How the Classic functions

Turning the spindle moves the jumper linearly. The jumper is fitted with a rigid but elastic seal and is moved against the faucet's valve seat, so controlling the flow of water.

One variant especially worth mentioning is the Classic RS model. A spring-loaded sealing jumper ensures that water only flows through the faucet in one direction.

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Classic - Standard headwork with jumper washer

Stopcock Valves

Flühs stopcock valves have been used internationally for many decades.

These headworks are supplied with a hand-wheel, a handle or a square head. The range includes 1/4" to 1" connecting threads.

These products, too, can be manufactured to customers' specifications.

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