Wall shut-off valve

With the Shut-Off, Flühs Drehtechnik offers a sophisticated system solution for shutting off main and auxiliary supply pipes.

This product presents the faucet market with the optimal solution for a range of installation situations. The use of thick-walled standard materials ensures that the highest standards of quality are met.

The Flühs Shut-Off valves are available in 1/2" and 3/4" versions.

Customer-specific headworks can also be adapted in addition to the standard programme.

As well as the use of Classic headworks, the fitting of Lifetime headworks in the basic body is also recommended. 

Each of these robust Shut-Off valves is tested for tightness in the Flühs assembly department. 

All national and international standards can be met by the use of the relevant materials.

How the Shut-Off functions

The basic body functions as a throughflow valve, so it has an inlet and an outlet nipple. These are screwed to the pipes which need to be connected to each other.

The Classic or Lifetime headwork takes on volume control and the shut-off function.

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