Quality management

Quality can never be the result of uncoordinated, individual actions - it can only be created by a standardised system, which is why Flühs Drehtechnik has set up a quality management system which meets individual requirements.

Advanced planning to insure the optimal results

Using the most up-to-date technology ensures high levels of quality.

The use of CAQ, SPC, EDM, R&R, STUDY and P.P.A.P. means that Flühs has a quality management system which corresponds to DIN ISO 9001, VDA 6.1 and, for the most part, ISO TS 16949.

Quality policies and quality targets

The perfect quality of the products supplied by Flühs Drehtechnik is the absolutely essential requirement to ensure customer satisfaction, competitiveness, profitability and the continued success of the company and its workplaces.

Indispensable connection with our vision

To us, quality means satisfying the customers' expectations of our products.

Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH's consistent quality targets are:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction on the basis of perfect products and excellent service
  • Being an "A" supplier for all customers
  • Producing optimal quality under profitable conditions
  • Maintaining controlled processes in production and administration
  • Using efficient suppliers
  • Employing satisfied staff under good working conditions and at fair rates of pay


The management regularly checks the extent to which the goals have been achieved by monitoring statistics which reflect internal and external quality standards.

The quality management department is responsible for maintaining and expanding the quality management system.

Quality assurance

The quality assurance department's task is to guarantee product quality of a consistently high standard.

Quality is our life

The principal work stages are:

  • Test planning
  • Provision of test equipment
  • Quality inspection test
  • Series test
  • Final inspection

Quality assurance satisfies all the requirements of the current quality management standards. The equipment and working methods correspond to state-of-the-art technology.