Single lever cartridge with ceramic disks

Single lever cartridges are designed for the application in single-lever mixing faucets acting both as control and adjusting unit.

This kind of faucet is operated by a handle which is placed either on top or the side of the faucet’s body. Hot and cold water are being mixed inside the cartridge before exiting through the outlet.

The cartridge‘s ease of movement determines the faucet‘s ease of operation. In order to achieve this over a long period of time, it is necessary to use high-quality ceramic disks and appropriate components.

A high level of handling comfort is achieved by Promix due to its high flow rate and its large operating angle, which ensures a precise setting of the selected temperature.

This item is available in various versions, such as Promix 25, Promix 35 and Promix 40. Special designs with water saving or temperature restricting features can be supplied, too.

How the Promix works

Water temperature and volume are both regulated by Promix at the same time, as the faucet’s handle is connected to the spindle within the cartridge. The adjustment of the water volume can be set simultaneously (handle: up or down) along with the setting of the water temperature (handle: right turn for cold, left turn for hot).

The base plate of Promix shows three openings, two of which convey inflowing cold and hot water, whereas the third opening provides the outflowing mixed water.

Among other things, Promix features two wear-free ceramic disks on the inside.

Regarding the openings, the inlet disk shows the same geometry as the base plate, and it is fixed inside the housing of Promix. An adapter connects the spindle with the ceramic control disk. This control disk and its mixing chamber direct the in- and outflowing water through the respective openings of the inlet disk.

Promix 25

The new single lever mixing cartridge Promix 25 completes the well-known product family. It is designed for slim sanitary faucets and has been provided with a 25 mm brass housing. These products offer a high stability and a „hydroseal“ sealing system by which both an unequalled comfort as well as a unique long-life cycle are achieved. There are two different models for various applications.

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Promix 35/40

The careful workmanship and the high standards of quality ensure that Promix 35 and Promix 40 provide the function required.  Each cartridge is tested for leakage on fully-automatic inspection units. 

The combination of brown and white special ceramic material with a self-lubricating effect supports the ease of operation in this product group. In addition, the ceramic discs have a smaller sealing surface, so there is even less friction.

The plastic found in this article offers a high degree of stability and temperature-resistance.

The optimal level of stability can be achieved by the optional use of brass for both the spindle and the outer sleeve. 

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Promix Brass Cold Start

Contrary to the housing of common plastic cartridges, the brass housing of Flühs Promix Brass Cold Start - which is manufactured in Germany - does not deform. This maintains the forces which are applied during installation as well as the sealing forces between the brass housing and the seat of the tap. As a result the operating torque of the lever is much more comfortable to handle compared to plastic cartridges. In addition, the brass housing is less affected by a higher degree of pressure and/or temperature conditions in the plumbing system. The combination of brown and white ceramic discs proves to be self-lubricating. Therefore, the product provides a permanent smooth performance. Each cartridge is tested after assembly.

In most cartridges, the middle position of the lever opens up the hot water inlet. The energy saving Promix Cold Start function avoids this often unnecessary use of hot water and energy, as its middle position of the lever opens up only the cold water inlet. If hot water is required, the lever just needs to be turned slightly to the left.

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