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Flühs Drehtechnik

Flühs Drehtechnik is one of the leading companies internationally in the sector. The company, which was founded in 1926, has a long tradition and has been family-owned for four generations.

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Above the
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The Flühs
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experts’ knowledge.

Why would you settle for less if you can benefit from our experts’ knowledge?

Our FLÜHS experts will keep you informed about the most important topics of our industry at all times. Take a seat, please. At Flühs you will be seated in the front row.

Flühs TheEvent


Future trends in the
sanitary industry

Keynote Trends

Roland Obrist, Oblamatik AG
Christoph Weis, Neoperl GmbH
Ori Mor, Wi-Charge

Jörg Wendt, Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH


Copper alloys in the faucet industry today and tomorrow

Keynote Copper

Timo G. Allmendinger, Wieland-Werke AG
Dr.-Ing. Florian Seuß, Diehl Metall Messing
Dr. Axel Jörg, HME Brass Germany GmbH
Winfried Jung, Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH

Jörg Wendt, Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH


Hygiene certificates

Keynote Hygiene

Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Koch, Hygiene-Institut Ruhrgebiet
Günter Schieweck, IAPMO R&T
Dirk Sessinghaus, Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH

Jörg Wendt, Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH

Our Company

As a manufacturer of complete systems and as a partner of the sanitary industry with high-end technology in research and development as well as production and quality control, Flühs is a leading supplier of turn and valve technology. If you have any further questions, or any suggestions as to how we could improve our company presentation, please send us details to info@fluehs.de

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Flühs equipped


On the safe side with FLÜHS and the newly created KTW hygiene certification of conformity 1+

FLÜHS has been certified as one of the first companies by HY „Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets“ according to these guidelines. As from now, we are UBA compliant 1+ and, therefore, future ready!

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The brand inside the brand

The ‘Flühs equipped’ logo has been developed for marketing purposes for all customers using Flühs valve technology. The internationally renowned brand Flühs has represented high-quality valve technique for generations.

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Water meets quality

Only Flühs ceramic valves offer the requested FLÜHS GLIDEFDL experience. The smooth and easy operation of the products let you experience the extraordinary quality standard of Flühs Drehtechnik.

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Product News

The innovative ceramic diverter with shut-off and volume control


FLÜHS has been certified as one of the first companies according to these guidelines …

Flühs in Motion

Find out what keeps our company in motion.

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Turning brass rods

Flühs shows you how it is turned
Turning brass rods – From rod to turn part

Apprenticeship at Flühs

We would like to educate and assist young people on their way into working life.



Products in Action

Find out about our products in action.

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Bi-Close 29

Faucets with pre-installed water filter can be shut-off without pressure by the installation of Bi-Close 29. The double shut-off is conducted through one handle.

Motion C 38 1/3 High-Flow

The high-flow diverter for three outlets


Nationally and internationally, our experienced team of sales personnel ensures that our customers always receive the right technical and commercial advice and information. 

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Flühs Drehtechnik GmbH
Lösenbacher Landstraße 2
D-58515 Lüdenscheid


Phone: +49 2351 975-0
Fax:  +49 2351 975-129
E-Mail: info@fluehs.de